TGMPA 2.6.0 released

Today, we are releasing TGMPA version 2.6.0.

This version addresses a few bugs, a minor security issue and improves the usability of the admin notices.

Most notable changes:

  • Fixed admin notices display class which resulted in an inconsistent experience across WP versions.
  • The full admin notice is now only displayed to users who can install/update/activate plugins. A limited “Contact the site admin.” notice is shown to select users if it pertains to required plugins. The selection of which users get to see this last message is based on the publish_posts (=Author) capability. This capability is however filterable using the new tgmpa_show_admin_notice_capability filter.
  • In some cases where the TGMPA file was included in the root directory of a plugin, it would be incorrectly recognized instead of the real plugin. This has now been fixed.
  • TGMPA now ships with translations and this first version which does, already includes 17 (!) translations. This will save your translators lots of work, so we’re very happy to bring you this enhancement. More translations are of course welcome, so please send the .po file(s) in as a pull request.

    Please note: If you download TGMPA using the custom generator and indicate it’s for a theme to be hosted on, you will receive a version without the load_textdomain() calls or the translation files. Theme check rules dictate that you should only use one textdomain in your theme and the localization calls will be adjusted to use your theme’s textdomain. As most TGMPA strings have a lot of translations available in GlotPress already, this should not cause any real issues.

For full details, please have a look at the changelog.

The Custom TGMPA Generator has been updated to now use this version of TGMPA, so go on and download your customized copy now!