TGM Plugin Activation

The best way to require and recommend plugins for WordPress themes (and other plugins).


The latest stable release is version 2.6.1.

I'm going to use TGMPA in a:*

  • This generator works in Firefox, Chrome, Opera ≥ 15 and IE ≥ 10 (but NOT in compatibility view).
  • No data is saved by us, all the processing is done via JavaScript in the browser.
  • Want to know more about the difference between the generated versions ? A detailed table highlighting the differences is available.

You can also download the official latest release as zipfile or tarball or download your own package - such as the development version - on GitHub.

Older versions
Version Release date Zipball Tarball
retrieving retrieving retrieving retrieving

For earlier releases, please visit the GitHub releases page.


Continue reading the Changelog on GitHub for information on older versions.

The Changelog is included in each download package. You can also read the full Changelog on GitHub.

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